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    A Clean Grill is a Healthy Grill!

    It is our mission, our goal, to clean, repair and restore new and vintage grills in order to ensure safe barbecuing and the best tasting food directly from the grill. Restoration and refurbishing of older barbecues is what we do better than anyone else in Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange Counties 

    In a short time, our efforts have allowed home grilling enthusiasts and restaurant owners alike to realize the difference a clean and functioning grill can really make. We’ve also helped them to realize that barbecues that they think have seen better days may still have plenty of life in them.

    The Power of Restoration

    Do you have an older barbecue sitting around that you’ve retired or are thinking of putting out to pasture? No doubt it has served you well, but you may be thinking of upgrading to a newer model. Why not upgrade your older model instead by taking advantage of our restoration and refurbishing services?

    • We can make your classic barbecue look and work like new
    • In addition to cleaning, we will take out and reassemble all of the parts and make any necessary fixes or repairs to make sure the system is operating its best

    How great would it be to extend the life of the grill you love so much? We can help you give your old grill new life!

    Treat your grill like the beautiful piece of machinery that it is, and keep it looking and working its best with help from Filthy Grill Cleaning & Maintenance Services.