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  • Scheduled Maintenance

    Preventative maintenance ensures that your equipment is operating correctly and therefore avoiding any unnecessary downtime. We can perform any of the OEM specified preventative maintenance, whether it being a one-time PM or a full maintenance plan where we come in and perform all of the PM's required to keep your tools running to their maximum performance. Click Here to contact us about the scheduled maintenance programs that we provide.

    Unscheduled Maintenance

    Quite often when a system goes down it causes a ripple effect throughout the FAB. At Nile Technologies we understand the importance of bringing the equipment back up to production to minimize the financial impact and burden on the production line. Click Here to contact us about the unscheduled maintenance programs that we provide.


    During the performance of either scheduled or unscheduled maintenance we try to take advantage of teaching equipment maintenance personal. We also provide standard and customized training classes to fit our customer needs, being either a one day class or a whole week. Click Here to contact us about the training programs that we provide.

    Tool Audits

    We perform full tool audits and provide a detailed report on what condition your equipment is in. We can use this information to tailor a maintenance program, recommend upgrades, or as a baseline for refurbishment. Click Here to contact us about the tool audit programs that we provide.

    Installation Services

    We provide full installation and startup services, with each installation or startup we provide a detailed installation report. We also complement this service with process support to ensure the equipment performs to OEM's specifications. Click Here to contact us about the tool installation services that we provide.

    Decommissioning Services

    If you have a system that needs to be un-installed we provide a full customizable decommissioning service that will fit the customer's needs. We provide services from a full decommissioning to getting the tool ready to move across the FAB. Click Here to contact us about the decommissioning services that we provide.

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