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  • Refurbished Ashers

  • At Nile Technologies we strive to provide our customers with a cost effective solution to meet any budget. We offer a variety of refurbished ashers and etchers. We work with our customers to ensure they only buy what is required for their manufacturing requirements.

    Every refurbishment we perform a complete overhaul of all moving parts, replacing gears, belts, bearings, etc. Each individual component gets tested and all process critical components get calibrated.

    We offer a complete service package with each of our refurbished equipment. This includes installation, warranty and process startup. Click Here to contact us about the refurbished systems we currently have available.

  • The list bellow shows the equipment that we have refurbished in the past:

  • - Matrix System One Ashers (all system models)

    - Matrix System One Etchers (all system models)

    - Matrix System Ten Ashers (all system models)

    - Matrix System Ten Etchers (all system models)

    - Matrix Cheetah (all system models)

    - Matrix Bobcat (all system models)

    - Matrix Jaguar (all system models)

    - Matrix Panther (all system models)

    - Axcelis RapidStrip RPS (all system models)

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