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  • Filthy Grill Services

  • The FilthyGrill process starts with booking a 2-3 hour appointment in your backyard with two of our experienced & trained technicians.

    We remove all the contents of the BBQ: grill grates, warming rack, searing trays/rock grates, and burners down to an empty shell. Then all the grease, carbon and debris is removed from the individual parts, the bare box, and the hood. Once thoroughly cleaned everything is put back together while checking for proper operation and functionality. The job is finished by polishing the outside of the BBQ itself, and any drawers, doors, or cabinets on the cart or in the island.

    Call for pricing. Pricing is based on the age, size and overall appearance of the grill. There are addition fees for repair parts and to clean select items in the island. (refrigerator, smoker, charcoal grill, deep fryer) We are also frequently called to sanitize BBQ’s and remove rodent nests that can come during times the BBQ is unused.

    We don’t need anyone home when we do the service as long as we have access to the grilling area and your pets are friendly. We will clean/repair the grill leave an invoice for you with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and you can either mail in a check, or pay with a Visa/MasterCard over the phone. Call today to book an appointment.

  • Additional Services (Whole Kitchen)

    • Polish Counters
    • Scrub Grout
    • Polish Sink
    • Clean/Sanitize Fridge.
    • Drawers Cleaned/Polished
    • Cabinet Under Island Cleaned
    • Remove Rodent Activity
    • Portable Heaters Cleaned/Polished